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if you didn’t get a chance to do so before it sold out, you can check out C.O.A.T. all the way through, right now if you want……


1. April 2014


here’s the new record, volume 3 of 4 and release 1 of 4 for the year. click on the pic to get crevvy with it and cop a tape. now I can go back to those mixes….

sunday sunday sunday

12. January 2014

it’s that time of week again, here’s your mobb’d drug mix for fun use and future recording time capsule purpose……

LA BOMBA MIXXX 002 by Giovanni Marks on Mixcloud

here’s a leak off of the new tape about to drop, Tony from CRIMEKILLZ made the beat and we’re on one. C.O.A.T. tape on the way…..


6. January 2014


Happy New Year and here is a mix to start it off. I put myself on self-imposed exile last year because I had to figure out what I was doing and who I was doing it for. In 2014, both answers to that question fall under the designation of ME. For the new year, I’m doing me all year long and you are welcome to watch.

Free TiTi Exercise A/LA BOMBA MIXXX 001 by Giovanni Marks on Mixcloud

Mixes every week, new music, and new content over here as I get my web ID straight. I need a webpage like a muh….


25. September 2013


(I’m re-doing the site to be more of a well rounded site reflecting all of my work on and off the musical record. stay tuned…)

I haven’t been back here in a few years. It will be crazy to see how the city has grown….

I play at Parc de la Petite Italie at a dry show on the 27th at 12:00pm and I interview Yellowman at a symposium about loveletters at 3:00pm the next day (the 28th). I may do some other crev things but the mission is merch-proof so it’s on “art-happening” status.

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

"we love each other, we do everything together…"

3. August 2013

since I’m hiding out finishing some new projects on many fronts, my writing is stilted. however, I will drop by to give up SOME kind of tidbit from time to time. like this one…

I found this record in St. Eitenne, France and no one could tell me a fucking thing about it. I heard it in the store and tears literally ran down my cheeks, I was in love with this record. I bought it and just held on to it with no record player in site until I passed it onto a good friend in Paris (bad decision) and saw it nevermore. Upon closer review, I found out that Crammed Discs out of Belgium dropped the record a couple decades ago, probably around their Tuxedo Moon era. the group is from NY and DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE.

superman lover, yeah.

19. June 2013

no, they don’t.

14. June 2013

not much to say here besides congrats to a hard working dude. whatever happened to that song we did a hundred years ago? oh well, the cover is motherfucking amazing and the first leaked song is loc as fuck…

I’ll buy that for 313 dollars.

12. May 2013

Look, the city of Detroit got a 10 foot tall Robocop statue. People paid for this to happen. Damn, L.A. is boring as fuck sometimes.